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Cash Rebates And Other Financial Incentives Are Available In Many states For Solar Powered, Grid Interactive Emergency Power Systems.

In Addition, A 30% Federal Tax Credit Is For The Purchase Of A Solar Powered, Grid Interactive Emergency Power Systems.

Power Failures Due To
Wild Fires

Power Failures Due To Earthquakes

Power Failures Due To
Ice And Snow Storms

Power Failures Due To
Tornadoes And High Winds

Power Failures Due To
Lightning Storms

Power Failures Due To

Power Failures Due To

And No, We're Not Kidding,
Doomsday Power Failures Due To 2012 Solar Flares.

On March 13th 1989 A Solar Flare Is Exactly What Knocked Out Power To 6 Million People In Quebec, Canada For Over 9 Hours And Caused Equipment Damage And Tripping Of Equipment In Parts Of The U.S.

 And With The Sun's Next Peak Solar Flare Cycle Occurring In 2012/2013, It's Something To Think About.

Click Here To Visit Nasa's Website To Learn More About The Coming Solar Flares

Click Here To Download A Copy Of The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Geomagnetic Storm Workshop Summary




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Solar Flare Could Unleash Nuclear Holocaust Across Planet Earth, Forcing Hundreds Of Nuclear Power Plants Into Total Meltdowns.

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Huge Solar Flares Could Spell Catastrophe For Earth


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Magnetic-Shield Cracks Found; Big Solar Storms Expected

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In Any Event Your SolSurvive Solar Powered Emergency Power System Will Be There To Protect You.

There's A Thousand Reasons To Prepare For The Next Power Failure And With All Of The Financial Incentives Available, There's Not One Good Reason Not To.





Do We Believe All The Media Hype About Doomsday And All Of The End Of The World Predictions ?..... No, Absolutely Not.

Do We Think That There's A Good Chance That There'll Be Another Major Power Outage Due To A Earthquake, Windstorm, Flood, Snowstorm, Hurricane, Fire Storm, Heat Wave Or Maybe Even A Solar Storm As Predicted By NASA That Could Disrupt The Entire Power And Communications Grid ?...... Absolutely.

It's Happened Before And It Will Happen Again.


Standard Grid Tie Solar Systems Automatically Turn Themselves Off During A Power Outage

Solar Off Grid System Switch

In the event of a power failure, nearly all of the grid tie solar power systems in use today are engineered by law to turn themselves off, leaving you and your family without electricity. 

You may have paid for all of those solar panels that are mounted on the roof of your home but you won't have any power to even charge your cell phone until your electric company restores its power.

Wouldn't it make far more sense to install a grid tie, battery backup, solar system for your home that will reduce your electric bill and provide you with backup power during an outage?



Receive A 30% Federal Tax Credit And A Huge Cash Rebate In Many States For Installing A Battery Backup Solar Power System.

Utility customers across the U.S. are receiving cash rebates of thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars as well as a 30% federal tax credit for installing battery backup, grid intertie, solar systems.

The creators of Solar Off Grid System, have been designing and selling high quality, heavy duty, emergency power outage solar generators since 1997 and have been helping consumers across the country to take advantage of the many incredible financial incentives that are available from both the state and federal governments.

Already Own A Grid Tie Solar System And Just Want To Add Battery Backup ?





The Largest Selection Of High Performance Solar Off Grid Systems On The Planet

We're Proud Distributors Of The Following High Performance, Name Brand Products:











SINCE 1997


Click Here To Learn How Battery Backup Power Systems Work

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Over the few next decades as our nation's power grid continues to age, power failures will become an evermore common occurrence. Combine the current deteriorated condition of the US electric grid with the weather extremes that we are all now beginning to experience as well as the flurry of carbon reduction legislation that's right around the corner and it's disaster in the making.

When a widespread power failure strikes, one of the first thoughts that comes to many consumer's minds is to run out to the nearest hardware store and purchase a gas generator. Unfortunately in a major disaster most consumers tend to panic and will buy up all remaining supplies of food water and fuel. That's if you can pump the fuel to begin with. Remember, gas pumps run off of electricity so in a widespread power failure, in most cases there probably won't be any way to pump gasoline to power that generator.

Ironically, standard grid tie solar generators are intentionally designed by law to turn themselves off during a power outage. This is done to protect the crews that are working on the power line to restore power. You may have two dozen solar panels mounted on the roof of your home but unfortunately with non battery backup solar generators there's no way to tap into a single milliwatt of that power.

Most consumers are under the mistaken notion that you can install a standard grid tie solar system now and simply add a battery pack to the system later. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. First of all the type of inverter that's used in standard grid tie solar generators are not designed to accept batteries and second, even if you could somehow connect a battery bank to a standard grid tie only inverter there's still the problem of electrocuting a lineman working on the power lines.

Fortunately there are ways to solve the power outage dilemma. First, instead of installing a standard grid tie only solar generator, instead install a battery backup grid tie solar generator for your home. Second, if you have already installed a standard grid tie only solar system, you can always add a second off grid inverter with batteries that includes a built in transfer switch and connect the output of that second off grid inverter to a separate subpanel. Both of these options will supply your home with electricity day or night while making full use of your solar generator's existing solar panels while the Sun is up and DC battery power that's converted to AC power at night time. Because you've added a second subpanel in your home, you can now supply your home with power while eliminate the risk of injuring a utility worker during a power outage. 

The beauty of our specially designed BackPack™ add on emergency power systems for existing grid tie solar generator installations is that they are AC coupled directly with your existing solar generator system which makes the installation process much more simple.

Whether you only need few hundred watts or thousands of watts of power we've got your requirements needs covered.










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